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   LUXURY cars and Luxury NEW 4x4 SUVs (JEEP) 2013-2014  LRD 4 for rent
    Luxury Rent a Car
              JR-rentacar is a company providing luxury and quality at  HIGH LEVEL.Otdavame rental exceptional car, late model owned by our firma.Ako want to rent a car from JR-Rentacar Luxury Rent a car Sofia, will be welcomed at Sofia Airport Terminal 1 or Sofia Airport Terminal 2 as well as in Sofia and the country -In long rentals -with desired rental car, sports car, convertible or luxury 4x4.
             There is nothing more important than the first impression you can do with luxury jeep or car rental naem.Luksoznite cars are a symbol of social status and status in obshtestvoto.Shte be surprised how many famous and wealthy people use our services and hiring luxury rental from JR-Rentacar.Tova is a practical way for many people to enjoy the elite and modern jeep or car worth huge money without caring for down payments, interest and leases and maintenance, turning your financial obligations hora.JR-Rentacar e company that can provide such a luxury avtomobil.V our fleet is exciting and expensive, elite, modern and iconic latest models avtomobili.Ulesnenata procedure for hiring online is a convenient way to book your luxury car and e very popular in the last godini.Ako fly towards Bulgaria and land in Sofia and want to rent a luxury car are in the right place and JR-Rentacar will welcome you and send to terminals 1 or 2 to Your urechen hour.
             It is known that for some time now the world is in a global recession, which makes hiring luxury cars more atraktivno.Vremenata all difficult so hiring a luxury rental car for an extended period is quite populyarno.Povecheto people want to hire a luxury car or Jeep rentals to identify the table from the crowd and create a positive impression of high si.Predlagame yourself with luxury vehicles and trained drivers completed extensive training and testove.Bezopasnostta and security is at the highest level of compliance with the road driving conditions and znatsi.Nashiyat team of experts, drivers and mechanics do their utmost to excellent service and technical condition of our fleet, which guarantees the reliability of our fleet of Luxury Cars.





Mobile phone +359 878 621 933 

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   Skype:  jr-rentacar

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